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Steps to a successful Auction Site experience:

1.  Register at Auction Site with the email you use at eLearningSpace.

2.  Check on your Timedollars here

3.  How to Place a Bid.

4. Check to see if you've won.

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Even though we use a dollar sign ($) here at the eLearningSpace-Time Dollar Auction Site, the “$” means Time Dollar credits. When you want to bid on an item, check how many Time Dollar credits you have in your eLearning Journal account. If you bid more Time Dollars than you have in your account you will not win the bid, and won’t get what you want. So be sure you don’t bid more Time Dollars than you have in your account. When you win a bid, the Time Dollars you have bid will be removed from your account.

If the item you bid on and purchase with your Time Dollar Credits costs money to ship, you or your parents must pay the shipping company in U.S. dollars. When there are shipping costs, this is clearly stated in the description of the item.

** First time bidders, Please Register Here with your e-mail address**

IVERB developed this auction site in association with the Time Dollar Institute and LINCT Coalition to display goods and services available in exchange for Time Dollar social currency service credits. These items are procured by IVERB through donation and special purchases.

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